Sunday, May 11, 2014

To Review: "On the Shoulders of Hobbits" by Louis Markos and "Memorial: The Mystery of Mary of Bethany" by Dolores Kimball

Two new books have been added to my "to review" stack this week! In the foreward to On the Shoulders of Hobbits the Road to Virtue with Tolkien and Lewis, Peter Kreeft explains why you should read:
reading great literature, next to meeting people, is the single most effective way to learn not to flunk life.  Life is a story, and therefore moral education happens first and most powerfully through stories, e.g., through books. (8)
In Memorial: The Mystery of Mary of Bethany, "we will look closely at the mysterious Mary of Bethany, a most unique and remarkable woman whose incredible faith, quiet spirit, and uncanny understanding of spiritual matters are a testimony to the power of God in the life of a woman totally committed to her Lord" (back of the book).

Look for reviews of both of these books coming soon to In Media Res!

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