Friday, December 28, 2018

Dinosaur Devotions by Michelle Medlock Adams, illustrated by Denise Turu

Dinosaur Devotions is a fun devotional book for children who love dinosaurs. There are 75 devotions, each of which is two pages long. The first page introduces a dinosaur including name pronunciation, which family it belongs to, height, length, weight, and diet. There's also a short Bible verse at the top. The main text of the devotion ties in the Bible verse to some key fact about the dinosaur in an approachable manner. The second page includes a sidebar for "digging deeper" reflection question, "Jurassic journaling" writing prompts, and sometimes "dino dictionary," as well as a did you know fun fact.

I found the devotion text to be tied in well to the Bible verse and the introduction of the dinosaur. The length, at about 3 paragraphs, was just enough to cover a small topic and not be overwhelming. I thought the journaling section was especially well done in that it suggested activities that children might actually do (and maybe even want to do!).

There are also illustrations for each dinosaur in full color. The illustrations are cute, but not realistic (for example, a t-rex holding a fork and knife). There's also some light foliage sprinkled around the illustrated dinosaur.

The book has a to/from dedication page and a ribbon bookmark for doing daily devotions easily. Overall, I think this devotional does a nice job of combining an interesting theme with relevant Bible verses that might help introduce children to devotionals, or encourage reading of devotionals in general.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher, but was not required to post a positive review.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

You Are by Emily Assell, illustrated by Lauren Copple

You Are written by Emily Assell, illustrated by Lauren Coppleis a board book for "speaking God's Word over your children."

Eight of the spreads feature an attribute addressed to a child, such as "Sweet child, you are free" with the word or words following the phrase "you are" appearing in larger font. Then, an associated Bible verse that expresses the same sentiment appears in a much smaller font.

Each spread is illustrated with an adult animal and at least one child animal. The animals are very cute with a pleasant illustration style. The background is lightly patterned, but ultimately not distracting. The effect is a very simple spread with only the animals and the words to focus on.

The final spread is "Child of God, you are so loved" and contains seven verses in support of the statement, unlike the others that only have one.

The first spread is title page information, with a letter to parents that describes the power of the Word of God, including quoting scripture.

It seems like this is a book that can grow with children, by beginning with only reading the "you are" statements and then adding in the Bible verses as the child is ready to listen for a longer amount of time. It's a nice book with a good message, but it doesn't seem like it would be a favorite since there is no story line or consistent characters.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher, but was not required to post a positive review.